About New Horizons Counseling Services
New Horizons Counseling Services
Salem, IL 
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About New Horizons Counseling Services
We are honored to hold a reputation of excellence in our community for providing quality, professional and caring therapeutic services.  Our priority is our client's comfort and success in achieving their goals, addressing the root of their concerns and overcoming their difficulties through evidence-based counseling approaches. 

 New Horizons exists to help individuals, marriages, relationships and families thrive in their life journey.

Respect, Privacy, Excellence, Encouragement, Professionalism

 New Horizons was established in 1997 in the Peoria, IL area by Dr. Jim Phillips, PhD, M. Div, LCPC and expanded its services to Southern IL in 2009. Over the years, we have collaborated with local medical & mental health professionals, pastors, therapists and insurance companies. This has resulted in continuity and a quality of care that treats the whole person- body, mind and spirit.

To provide quality professional counseling that embraces the whole of a person’s life. We desire that you find your strengths, learn with your difficulties and maneuver the map of your life with greater success. We are here as a resource for you and your family, not just during a time of crisis but as an ongoing support
through all stages of life.
 Therapy is facilitated in an environment of learning & confidentiality so you can discover, resolve, understand, repair, heal, or reduce the negative impact of your circumstances and emotions on your well-being. Utilizing  our therapeutic skills, training, and experience  will assist you in gaining new confidence, tools, and perspectives so that your quality of life is increased. We view each person as unique and one of a kind. Therefore, one size of therapy does not fit all. We will help you look at the big picture as well as the details of your life to find what works best for you and your goals.