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Deep...The Timeless Part of Me
For anyone who has pursued the road less traveled. For anyone who desires more meaning to life. For anyone who appreciates the simplicity and beauty of life outdoors. For anyone who has had to go it alone to make a better life. For anyone who has persevered against all odds and survived. For anyone who has fought with all that is in them to stay. For anyone who knows that real treasure in life is often felt and always shared. For anyone who longs for true connection and refuses to give up. For anyone who has dreams that wait to be fulfilled. For anyone who needs a reminder that all of your experiences have a thread of God’s faithfulness woven through themThen this book may be for you!

This book intertwines personal experiences, analogies and timeless truths that shed light on God’s passion and pursuit for each of us. It connects to a deep awareness of some of the ways God walks with us through our brokenness and how He merges our roads to lead us home. It will help you see God’s hand actively involved in the little moments of your life. This book’s figurative style provides opportunity for deep thought and reflection. It goes deep. It may take some chewing on, over and over. So feel free to dive in with the author, or at least sit on the edge with your feet in the water.  You may just decide that everything you have been wanting in life is right now in front of you.

  This book has been an amazing journey of writing, editing and publishing in 2018.  Amber's experience and understanding fills it's pages with the overarching theme of being an overcomer and the promises of God' faithfulness to restore and heal. 
  Through layers of difficulty, brokeness and developing a deeper perspective from having walked through the fire and having seen and heard "it all", both men and women will be able to connect.  It is now a privilege to offer it to anyone who is seeking greater depth of living and meaning in this life.  
   May your perspective of your life's circumstances be challenged that there truly is an amazing purpose to it ALL that shapes our hearts and minds to be the BEST we can be, no matter what life throws our way!  Enjoy!