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Equine Assisted Learning
Equine Assisted Learning is a specialized experiential learning model that incorporates horses into an action-oriented process that provides awareness, understanding, skill building, connection & kinesthetic learning. It is a hands-on, nontraditional approach that provides learning and personal growth with less resistance to change. Persons can discover through doing, rather than just talking. It can also be incorporated as an adjunct to counseling when appropriate.

-improves healthy coping & problem solving skills
-decreases symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress & trauma
-increases confidence, assertiveness & self-esteem
-improves communication & conflict resolution
-addresses emotional roadblocks
-enhances social & interpersonal skills
-assists in implementation of change 
-improves relationship dynamics
-addresses attachment disorders  

Ongoing THRIVE groups for adolescent girls are scheduled throughout the year. 
Individual sessions can be scheduled through our office.