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Karla White, MS, LCPC
Karla has worked with a variety of individuals, children, couples and issues over the past 13 years, including specializing in juvenile sex offenders. She spent several years with New Horizons Counseling Services before she moved in 2013. We are now excited to have her back with us, as she has been an integral part of our counseling practice in the Peoria area. Karla has not only worked in private practice, but in community mental health environments as well. Karla works with individuals over the age of 10

One of the hallmarks of Karla’s approach to therapy is her certified facility therapy dog, Sheldon. The benefit of utilizing this animal/human relationship in therapy is how meaningful it can be to assist in opening lines of communication and connection. Over the last two years, Karla has provided animal assisted therapy to clients of all ages and has found it is especially effective with children and teenagers. Sheldon received his professional training through the Quad Cities Canine Assistance Network. 

If having a dog as a part of one’s therapy is not the client’s preference, Sheldon will respectfully tuck himself away for a nap and allow each client to have their space and time to engage in their therapy process.  

Karla takes pride in a down to earth, compassionate approach to counseling. Her number one priority is having a counselor/patient relationship that is built on trust, compassion and patience. Karla is dedicated to meet each person where they are emotionally, relationally and to help clients reach their personal goals.  

Karla White, MS, LCPC is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who earned her Masters of Science degree in the Community Counseling program at Eastern Illinois University in 2005. Karla is also a National Certified Counselor (N.C.C.) Karla works with clients with many different needs including (but not limited to) mood disorders, personality disorders, women's health issues, marital, sexual offenders and victims, sexual disorders, anxiety and bereavement. She has supervised graduate students, helping them obtain licensure.