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Life Development
Life development encompasses life coaching. Its aim is to help clients determine and achieve personal goals. Life coaches use multiple methods that help clients to identify what they want and how to take the needed steps to move forward.

Coaching is not targeted at psychological illness nor advice giving. Therefore, coaches are not therapists nor consultants. Although one's mental health certainly plays a role in moving forward, it is not the focus of coaching. 

Coaching is unlike therapy because it does not focus on examining nor diagnosing the past. Instead coaching focuses on creating change in a client's current and future behavior. 

Coaching is client-centered. It is a process that helps you get unstuck, gain motivation and find a means to get you to where you need to go. It utilizes a person trained to assist you with that process.

A Life Coach is often considered a "sounding board" and "motivator". Most clients are looking for a coach to really listen to them, ask questions that help achieve results and give honest feedback.

Life Development is a question driven process that understands people are all different and have different ways of processing and looking at life. It offers encouragement, validation and sees life in the big picture, so you can work through the details.

Amber is a business owner and administrative director of a mental health outpatient practice and Certified Life Coach. She has her Master's Degree in Clinical Counseling. 

Amber has spent over 20 years in the helping professions working with individuals, marriages, women’s groups, teen groups, and church groups along with co-leading corporate workshops and marriage retreats. Amber is also certified in Equine Assisted Growth & Learning & Psychotherapy.

Amber currently facilitates groups for adolescent females with Equine Assisted Learning, and provides opportunities for others to grow and embrace their strengths.  She also provides services to Foster Kids ages 6 and up!

Amber's love of animals and the great outdoors has led her to create environments for people to learn, heal and thrive. Along with her horses & other critters, she enjoys the outdoors and making a difference in people's lives.  

Amber Weyhrich, MA Clinical Counseling, Certified Life Coach, EAGALA Certified Equine Therapy Specialist