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Vicki Lavick, MSEd, LCPC, CRADC, PCGC
Vicki Lavick, MSEd, LCPC, CRADC, PCGC is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor & Certified Addictions Counselor who received her Master of Science in Education degree from Eastern Illinois University. She has been working in the helping professions for over 20 years, serving people with disabilities, addictions and other mental health concerns.
Vicki sees clients in the Peoria office
Vicki works with individuals, children, couples, families and groups over age 8 suffering from addictions, mood disorders, adjustment disorders, grief & loss issues, anger & stress management, chronic pain & pain management, self esteem, body-related issues and social/peer relationship issues. 

Vicki’s specialization is addictions and codependency; including chemical, gambling, food, internet, shopping and spending addictions. She is a Certified Reciprocal Alcohol/ Drug Counselor and a Certified Problem/Compulsive Gambling Counselor through the state of Illinois with over ten years of experience working with individuals and families dealing with addictions. She has discussed sexual addictions in the media, written articles on co-dependency and has extensive work experience with process (non-chemical) addictions.

Vicki uses an integrative therapy approach to address her client’s issues and to help them problem solve in a way that is comfortable for them. She believes in meeting the client where they are, but also in guiding the client to reach their goals in a directive way when necessary. Vicki provides a calming environment, free from judgment where clients feel at ease in fully expressing themselves. She believes this is especially important for those with addiction issues. Vicki excels at helping clients put their worries and concerns in a more manageable perspective. Vicki utilizes play therapy when working with children and involves the family system when possible.

Vicki has a genuine interest in others and shows compassion for her clients and their situations. She believes that clients have the tools and ability to manage their struggles, but need encouragement, support and reminders to implement those tools. She helps clients find their strength and believes that everyone can benefit from therapy and a supportive group process at some point in their life.

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